Karen Olick

Olick_Karen-Political Consulting

Managing Director & President of Brand and Advocacy Advertising
Washington, D.C.


Karen Olick has more than 25 years of experience in strategic communications, advertising and general consulting services for Fortune 500 companies, candidates for elective office, nonprofits, ballot initiatives and grassroots issue campaigns. Karen’s insight into Washington, D.C., and the media helps her clients achieve their goals, gain a greater voice and visibility in national policy debates, and rapidly address and execute crisis communications needs.

Karen has served as a communications and public affairs strategist to major corporations in the technology, energy and education sectors; has been the primary campaign strategist and leader of the advertising team for numerous political candidates at both the state and national levels; and has expertise writing and producing broadcast, digital and print advertising. She served as the chief strategist in efforts to safeguard Social Security, promote success in higher education, grow clean energy businesses, secure tax fairness and achieve greater transparency in food labeling.

A lifelong political insider, Karen has managed, worked for and consulted on numerous campaigns for state and federal office, including those of Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Mary Landrieu, Sen. Tom Harkin, the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg and many House candidates.

Prior to joining SKDK, Karen served as Sen. Barbara Boxer’s chief of staff for more than a decade, managing and coordinating the senator’s political and legislative agendas and playing a primary leadership role in Boxer’s initial Senate campaign in 1992.

In 2005, Karen founded Americans United for Change, an organization dedicated to building broad public and congressional support for policies to move America forward. Under her leadership, Americans United for Change used aggressive earned and paid media outreach as well as grassroots and online organizing to achieve many legislative successes.