Ashley Dawkins


Vice President
Washington, D.C.

A Northern Virginia native, Ashley Dawkins has been behind the scenes in tech and media for 10+ years.

After working in California and DC as a PR professional in an unstable economy, Ashley decided to pursue an industry making its way to New York. In 2014, determined to make an impact on growing startups, while also raising the profile of a Silicon Valley star, Ashley led outreach and public relations for Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. While managing Alexis’ public profile, she also provided communications and brand guidance for many of the 100+ companies in his portfolio of investments.

When Reddit leadership asked Alexis to return to his roots, Ashley joined him as the company’s first Director of Communications. For two years, she established partnerships in media and oversaw Corporate Communications during a period of fundraising and rapid growth. After spearheading press relations for a $50 million Series B investment effort – she moved into Partnerships as the Head of Entertainment. Tasked with spearheading relationships with high-profile individuals and network partners, Ashley’s work contributed to Reddit’s standing as the 4th (now 3rd) most trafficked site in the United States.

After almost 5 years, Ashley left Reddit to apply her unique experience and background as a consultant for various tech and media companies. Ashley was Senior Director of Communications at The Wing in NY before returning to Washington DC and joining SKDK.