SKDKnickerbocker is one of the top political consulting firms in the United States, with experience and a track record second to none. Our team has been involved in the last seven presidential campaigns and has elected hundreds of members of Congress, senators, mayors, governors and local elected officials.

With experience at every level of politics and in every corner of the country, our strategists know that campaigns are about one thing: winning. We get involved deeply in every campaign we work on because we know that’s the level of commitment that it takes for victory. And we offer the same level of service to all of our campaigns, meaning the same strategists, writers, and editors are at the table whether you are running your first local campaign or a national effort.

We have also been at the forefront of issue and public advocacy campaigns, where we have led independent organizations, legislative initiatives and ballot measures to victory. At Our Work, you can find case studies of some of our campaigns. Our services include:

Political Strategy

No two campaigns are the same. A challenger cannot run the same campaign as an incumbent, for example. We approach each campaign differently and start at the beginning with fresh eyes. What is your personal story? What are your strengths and potential weaknesses compared to your competitors? We ask all these questions first, and come up with a path to victory that is tailored to you and your campaign.

Television, Radio, and Online Advertising

Creativity is wasted if it is not on-message; and on-message ads are wasted if no one pays any attention to them. At SKDK we know how to get attention in this cluttered media environment without sacrificing message. Whether it is television, radio, or online video or display ads, we make sure your message is both on point and memorable.

Direct Mail and Print Advertising

SKDK offers cutting edge direct mail services, with in-house creative direction and graphic design. This allows us to move quickly and efficiently while not sacrificing quality. Whether it is in the mailbox or in the newspaper, voters will notice and read your message.

Media Buying

Every campaign dollar is precious. And with the advent of new technologies and improved data, every dollar can be highly targeted. Whether it is television, radio, or online, the ability to target can be a significant advantage over your opponent if it is executed correctly. Our goal is simply to help you win.

Social Media and Online Strategy

Today’s campaigns are 24 hour operations that require you to use every tool at your resource, including social and online tools. Whether you have a team in-house that we work with to develop strategy and tactics or if we are implementing it for you, SKDK knows the latest tools and strategy to get the maximum return for your online efforts.

Media Training, and Debate Prep

SKDK takes great pride in preparing our candidates or spokespeople for speeches and media appearances. Whether it’s a major speech or a high profile debate, we are with you every step of the way to ensure that you make the news you want, the way you want to.