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WASHINGTON – Today, SKDK announced more than 20 promotions at levels, in all divisions and across service lines.  In 2020, SKDK had the best year in its history, expanding its operations both organically and through acquisitions. 

“I could not be happier to announce these promotions at this moment,” said SKDK CEO Josh Isay. “Despite the difficulties of the last year, SKDK has risen to new heights because of the incredible and diverse talent of the firm.  Our entire staff is dedicated to some of the most important work at this moment in history and we are excited to have such tremendous colleagues who have excelled by showing true leadership and achieving results for our clients.”

SKDK is proud to announce the promotions of the following employees:

Rae Robinson, Managing Director and Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

Daniel Barash, Senior Vice President

Greta Feldman, Senior Vice President

Cameron French, Senior Vice President

Jason Kaplan, Senior Vice President

Javier Lacayo, Senior Vice President

Andrew Shipley, Senior Vice President and Head of Advertising

Todd Williamson, Senior Vice President

William Brunelle, Vice President

Liza Dee, Vice President

James Hong, Vice President and Chief of Staff, Digital

Jason Novak, Vice President

Tania Mercado, Vice President

Julia Schechter, Vice President

Kyle Schnoebelen, Vice President

Alex Wolff, Vice President

Madeline Groves, Director

Jennifer Lee, Director

Grace Qayoumi, Director

Rachael Shackelford, Director

Ethan Stackpole, Director

Charmae Astillero, Senior Associate

Stephanie Djordjevic, Senior Associate

John Kim, Senior Associate

Olivia Solow-Niederman, Senior Associate

Jillian Susi, Senior Associate

About SKDK

SKDK is a top national communications and political consulting firm bringing unparalleled strategic communications experience to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, philanthropic organizations and labor unions, as well as political committees and candidates. With offices in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and Albany, SKDK offers strategic support to managing a crisis, protecting a brand, advocating an issue or winning an election.

In 2020, SKDK was a key member of the Biden for President campaign with Anita Dunn serving as Senior Advisor and the firm leading the campaign’s direct mail and vote by mail operations. The influential Holmes Report once again named SKDK as the North America Public Affairs Agency of the Year in 2019, following wins in 2015, 2016, and 2018. To learn more about SKDK, visit our website at SKDK is a proud member of The Stagwell Group, a collaborative group of agencies who are out to “reinvent the holding company,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The Stagwell Group portfolio includes more than a dozen best-in-class, digital-first agencies who are focused on what modern CMOs need. Learn more about Stagwell at

The murders in Atlanta and the rise of AAPI hate crimes and bigotry is a true scourge on our nation. SKDK stands collectively and individually with the AAPI community against these despicable and evil acts.  

This rise in hatred is upsetting and deeply painful but it is not a new concept. We hope that Tuesday’s events in Atlanta serve as a wake-up call to anyone unfamiliar with this rise in violence against Asians and provoke us to take action. 

Our diversity makes this country great. As a company that celebrates multiculturalism and inclusivity, we stand with our Asian American employees and the AAPI community in allyship, support, and protection. We can help by educating ourselves on the many contributions of Asians in America. Because Asian Americans are Americans and Asian American history is American history. We can help by supporting Asian-owned businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. And we can all help by using our voices and influence to bring greater awareness to the Asian community.

We know that we have leaders who are taking these tragic moments seriously and will take action to address the deeply rooted divisions in our country. We are extremely encouraged to see that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to meet with Asian American leaders in Atlanta today in the wake of this devastating moment in our history.  SKDK continues to stand with the AAPI community to #StopAsianHate.

The rising harassment and violence against Asian elders and the Asian community is sickening. SKDK joins the AAPI community in condemning these horrific acts of hate and calls for their end.

Racism against the AAPI community is not new, and enough is enough. We can help by committing ourselves to learning the long history of racism and xenophobia against Asians and Asian Americans. We can help by supporting Asian-owned businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. And we can all help by using our voices and influence to bring greater awareness to the Asian community. SKDK stands with the AAPI community to #StopAsianHate.

WASHINGTON: SKDK has appointed Rae Robinson as managing director and the agency’s first chief equity and inclusion officer.

Reporting to CEO Josh Isay, Robinson will be responsible for developing programs, practices and policies that advance diversity, equity and inclusion across the firm. 

The creation of the role is part of SKDK’s ongoing dedication to a diverse and inclusive workforce, Isay explained.

“This is about taking the steps necessary to not only have a diverse workforce, but to make sure folks in the company believe that they can bring their full self to work and be recognized, promoted, nurtured and retained,” Isay said. “That’s a job that needs a leader.” 

Despite looking externally for a great candidate, Isay knew Robinson would be the perfect fit when she expressed interest in taking up the mantle.  

“[Robinson] knows the firm inside and out having been here for five years, and she knows DE&I,” Isay said. “It was a no brainer for us.”  

Robinson takes on the new role in addition to her work already leading the firm’s multicultural communications and engagement practice — one of the agency’s fastest growing practice areas. 

Robinson said she is dedicated to bringing the same level of commitment to her new role supporting diversity initiatives internally as she does supporting clients. 

“My goals around this work include making sure my colleagues and my friends within the office understand that this is a commitment that’s coming from the top, and diversity is not solely an HR function,” Robinson said. “We want an environment where inclusion is expected and welcomed, so everybody feels a true sense of equity and belonging in the firm.” 

Robinson expects her role to go beyond being a Black woman who lays down a few suggestions for a better work environment. Diversity and equity doesn’t stop at having a racially diverse workforce, but being inclusive of women, members of the LGBTQ and disabled communities and those from different socioeconomic backgrounds, she said.

“This is an ongoing conversation about how we do things differently,” Robinson added. “What is our commitment to supplier diversity? What has our contribution been to systemic racism and how do we show up into the societies where our people are coming from and do things differently?”  Robinson joined SKDK in 2015 from Lucas PR+Media, where she was a consultant. Before that, she worked for the Caraway Group, where she worked her way up to being vice president.