Broad Role in an Election
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Obama for America

Political Consulting Barack Obama

Earned and Paid Media Role

SKDK played a critical role in President Obama’s election, with Anita Dunn serving as one of the top officials of the campaign and the firm producing both television advertising and direct mail for the campaign.

Communications Strategy

In a presidential race, the story you tell in the free media is as important as the story you tell with your paid advertising – maybe more so. Dubbed Obama’s “mega-advisor” by Time Magazine, Anita oversaw every aspect of the strategic message development as well as the day-to-day tactical and rapid response program. She was featured on the night of the election on 60 Minutes as part of the segment called “The Inner Circle” and newspapers said she was “one of the people to whom Obama listened most closely throughout the campaign.”

Advertising and Direct Mail

The firm was also brought into the campaign to produce national and state-specific television ads and direct mail for the general election. We created rapid response advertising that aired nationwide to counter McCain’s attacks and state specific advertising that helped Obama carry red states like Nevada. We are proud to be part of history in the making and proud of the work we did for the 44th President of the United States.