Strategic Communications
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Whether it’s your issue or your reputation, today’s fragmented news environment makes the challenge of communicating your strategic message with measurable results formidable.  At SKDK we love challenges and we love to win.  Communicating across the right platforms to achieve your goal is what we do.

Whether it’s helping build your advocacy coalition, targeted media for targeted audiences, an educational effort, or honing a complex set of facts into a digestible message, we approach every client and issue as an individual campaign with a strategy tailored specifically for you.

Our Managing Directors have backgrounds in media, political campaigns, advocacy groups, business, and government, and we put that experience to work for you.

SKDK’s services include:

Public and Media Relations

It’s a challenge to break through the din of today’s 24-hour news cycle.  That’s why we put our experience with effective message development and track record working with national and regional media across all platforms – television, radio, print, and web – to work 24/7 for our clients.  SKDK’s team of public relations professionals know how to effectively deliver our clients’ messaging to their key audiences to generate the results they want.

Crisis Communications

An accident in a plant; a breach of privacy on your network; a lawsuit; a product recall; legislation you weren’t expecting, etc. Any of these situations can turn into a crisis.  In this fast-paced digital age, the ability to respond quickly and effectively to a potentially negative situation is critical.  Rapid response or an immediate and strategic approach to countering a negative story or situation can profoundly lessen the impact.

Our expertise in this area — built on decades of crisis management in the political, corporate and non-profit arenas — helps our clients develop and execute a strategy that is effective and lasting. By working with a company’s existing corporate communications resources or creating a separate “war room,” we help to quickly turn around message development, lead media training, manage briefings to key stakeholders, deliver talking points, and provide overall strategic guidance.

We know where the story will go and we can help you navigate its path from Wall Street to Washington to state capitols and more.  You need an experienced partner to help you come out of a crisis with your customers, policy makers and other stakeholders knowing you handled it well.

Message Development

Your message does not exist in a vacuum—it is tied to your competitors’ messages, breaking news, and your target audience. Our decades of experience in Washington, D.C. and New York and in media and politics have taught us that message is the core of any successful campaign. Using research and experience, we will work with you to develop the message you need to win.


Establishing and building a brand is critical to competing in a crowded marketplace and surviving the scrutiny of the 24/7 media. Knowing how you are different and what you have to offer policy makers, the media, and your target audience is essential to building a campaign. Our strategists will work with you to define who you are, how you fit into the competitive landscape, and how you can further establish your brand.

Media Training

One slip of the tongue can define an interview and possibly a career. We work with you on defining your message, building a cohesive storyline, preparing for every possible question, and safeguarding against making mistakes.

How to sit, how to stand, how to gesture, how to pause – these are important pieces to any public appearance and take training and practice to refine. But equally important to how you look and sound, is what you say and how you say it. We will work with you to define and hone your message and provide you with the tools, tactics, and practice to take control of any interview situation.

Social Media

Social media is an opportunity to engage with your community. SKDK works with its clients to determine a message, audience, and social media channel to achieve your goals. We will develop a plan and support your implementation, or we can implement the plan in full integration with your earned and paid media strategies.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Monitoring and Strategy: Getting more “likes” should not be your main goal – just one of many targets. Ensuring that the content of your Facebook page and Twitter feed is informative, engaging, and delivering the correct message is essential. Facebook alone is not all of social media, as literally thousands of “niche” social media sites are now in existence. SKDK will work with your team to determine your target audience, what social media strategy and needs will work best for you and your campaign, and then work to implement those.
  • Internet Advertising: Facebook and other social media sites offer highly targeted advertising that will help you reach the right audience. We can use keyword targeted search ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing to ensure that your organization is one of the top results for relevant searches.
  • Website and Search Optimization: SKDK can help determine if your website is optimized and achieving your goals. So if you need a whole new website, or merely wish to improve your current one, we can deliver what you need.