Digital & Social Media
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In today’s increasingly digital and mobile world, online digital and social media strategy is more important than ever. Consider that mobile technologies – smart phones and tablets – are the fastest adopted communication technology in human history. SKDKnickerbocker can help you reach your audience and achieve your campaign goals, whether that is social media, content generation, paid display, SEO or SEM. SKDKnickerbocker focuses on three key areas:

Digital Advertising

As audiences become more fragmented, advertising online is a growing necessity. Using enhanced targeting, SKDKnickerbocker will make sure your audience will see your message. SKDK’s targeting capabilities include demographic and psychographic factors, as well as location; political ideology and habits; and browser history. We also perform search engine marketing (SEM) and advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and many other online outlets.

We closely monitor and track all of our online advertising, optimizing ads that perform strongly and de-activating ads that are underperforming. We can report full metrics to you, along with recommendations of how to strengthen the campaign’s impact.

Social Media

At SKDKnickerbocker, we understand social media and how to properly utilize it to increase your message reach and build loyal followers who will help your campaign succeed. Everybody knows social media is the new “it” thing, and often get bogged down in implementing every new tactic available. Instead of this approach, SKDKnickerbocker looks at social media the same way we do other aspects of campaigns: What is your goal? And then, what tactics will achieve the goal?

We also continuously track and monitor your social presence to identify your growth and reach, and anticipate and respond to issues before they become problems. Social media requires constant attention, and SKDKnickerbocker can help you keep tabs on your social presence.

Website Strategy Consulting

Your website is the gateway to the public and will often be the first thing people see when searching for you online. SKDKnickerbocker can help you improve and enhance your website so you make a strong first impression. Whether you are looking to build a supporter contact list, spread messages or solicit donations, SKDK can help your website achieve your goals. SKDK will work with you to improve your design, create new content, and optimize your site for search engines (SEO). Your website is a key part of your overall media strategy and is the heart of your digital presence. SKDKnickerbocker will make sure your website works for you.