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A funny or cute ad on its own is not an ad strategy. Effective advertising is the result of an integrated strategic communications plan based on quantitative and qualitative research that is on message, creative, and targeted.

At SKDKnickerbocker, we pride ourselves on visually compelling creative – often utilizing Madison Avenue partnerships – that cuts through the clutter in today’s busy media environment. We believe that when advertising focuses on the emotional core of a message, it works. At Our Work, you can find case studies of some of our Advertising campaigns.

Corporate & Coalition Advertising

When private sector needs intersect with public policy, SKDK can effectively develop an advertising campaign to advance corporate and association coalition goals. We have mounted successful corporate branding campaigns, targeted legislative campaigns, public awareness campaigns, and corporate profile-building campaigns.

Award Winning Creative That Wins Elections

SKDK has won numerous “Pollies” – the top industry-wide awards for television and direct mail political advertising. The Washington Post has called SKDK “one of the top political ad makers in the country” and named SKDK’s ads that helped defeat Senator Elizabeth Dole “among the most effective ads in the 2008 cycle.” And ABC News’ “The Note” called SKDK’s work for NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg “some of the best and most creative spots we’ve seen in a long time.”

Online and Social Media Advertising

Online or social media advertising isn’t just an add-on – it’s an integral part of the communications strategy. SKDK will work with your company or campaign to develop online and social media strategies to both engage your supporters and help further your corporate or political positioning.


We have in-house editing facilities and a production team with years of experience working on corporate, nonprofit, and political advertising campaigns.

Media Buying

Having the best ads in the world won’t matter if the right people aren’t seeing them. A thoughtful media buy isn’t an afterthought to us. Our media buyers have bought hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising. We will deliver a plan that maximizes your resources and reaches the right audience.