Kerri Lyon

Kerri Lyon oversees communications and media strategy for corporate and nonprofit clients seeking to raise their profiles, sway public opinion and manage major crises. From education to technology to economic development, Kerri works across many sectors and media channels to help her clients reach their target audiences and achieve their goals. Whether she is helping New York’s craft brewers restore a much-needed tax incentive, helping charter schools get the funding and facilities they need to flourish, or launching the nation’s first major solar mobile-charging initiative, Kerri brings a laser-like focus and intensity to every challenge.

Kerri has a unique understanding of the current media landscape having worked on both sides of the profession. As a former television news reporter for NY1 and WCBS-TV, she knows what it takes to create and place a compelling news story. Given Kerri’s extensive experience in government and nonprofit communications, she has the know-how to develop and execute a complex communications strategy.

A former communications director for the New York City Department of Education and New York City Charter School Center, Kerri has become the go-to consultant for education organizations seeking to secure positive policy outcomes and influence the public dialogue. Recently, she led the media strategy for New York’s ChartersWork campaign aimed at ensuring high-performing charter schools can continue to meet demand from families. And from Los Angeles to Minnesota to Connecticut, she has helped elevate the voices of reform-minded teachers in the ongoing debate over the Common Core State Standards.

Kerri was nominated for two Emmy Awards during her reporting days and won a New York Broadcaster’s Association award for in-depth reporting. She is active on several nonprofit boards and advisory boards in her home borough of Brooklyn.