Anita Dunn


Managing Director
Washington, D.C.

Anita Dunn is one of the nation’s most highly regarded strategists, bringing decades of experience to bear for political, corporate, nonprofit and advocacy clients. Her sharp messaging and innovative approach to navigating complex issues and crises have won campaigns for a wide range of clients. A leading expert on message delivery, Anita has managed presidential debate preparations and has media- and message-trained dozens of political candidates and Fortune 100 executives. Her work at the intersection of media and politics has made SKDKnickerbocker one of the most sought-after agencies in boardrooms and campaign nerve centers nationwide.

As White House communications director and senior adviser to President Obama’s presidential campaigns, Anita directed conventional and new media communications strategies, as well as research, speechwriting, television booking, presidential events and cabinet affairs press.

Anita has worked for a wide range of elected officials and candidates across the United States, including working for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as communications director from 1987-1990 under Senator John Kerry and then-Senator John Breaux; leading Senator Bill Bradley’s political and communication teams from 1991-1993; serving as a consultant to the Democratic Senate Caucus in 1995 and again in 1999, during the impeachment trial of President Clinton; and working as then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle’s communications director in 2001. In addition, she worked with Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Party in the 2010 elections in Britain.

She has worked with a wide range of Democratic Party officials, including Senator Evan Bayh, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. John Dingell.

Anita is a frequent guest on cable and network television, with appearances on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “60 Minutes,” the “Today” show, “Meet the Press” and many more. She is a regular speaker on politics and strategic communications at conferences, universities and corporate meetings. She was recently named to the Washington Business Journal’s 2014 Class of “Women Who Mean Business”.