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Jill Zuckman on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts

SKDKnickerbocker Managing Director Jill Zuckman appeared on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts to talk about the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate and what the Ryan budget means for the presidential contest. Joining Jill were Jonathan Capehart from the Washington Post and Former Huckabee campaign manager Chip Saltsman.

Zuckman: “The problem is, anybody who is a baby boomer and is heading towards retirement, anybody who has retired and counts on Medicare and Social Security, they have a stake in this debate, in this presidential campaign. And there’s a fundamental lack of trust among the electorate, when [it comes to] Republicans to talk about these entitlement programs. Yes, things need to be done to make them steady and to hold on to them for the future. But who is going to do that without throwing the baby out with the bath water? I think that’s a big, big concern for a huge percentage of the population.”

Jill Zuckman on MSNBC 8/14/12 from SKDKnick on Vimeo.