Communicating your message with measurable results has never been more important – or difficult – than in today’s fragmented news environment. It’s precisely in this environment that SKDKnickerbocker thrives.

Whether it’s helping in a crisis, building your advocacy coalition, developing a media plan for targeted audiences, or honing a complex set of facts into a digestible message, we apply the techniques we’ve learned in the nation’s highest profile political campaigns to design a strategy tailored specifically for you.

Our Managing Directors have extensive backgrounds in media, politics, business, and government – and we put that experience to work for you.

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Public and Media Relations

It’s a challenge to break through the din of today’s 24-hour news cycle. That’s why our experience with effective message development and knowledge of national and regional media across all platforms is critical to our clients. SKDK’s team of public relations professionals knows how to deliver the right messages to the right audiences — with the right results.

Crisis Communications

The ability to respond swiftly and effectively to a potentially negative situation has never been more important. With decades of crisis management experience from Washington to Wall Street, we help our clients develop and execute strategies that are effective and lasting. By working with a company’s existing corporate communications resources or creating a separate “war room,” we quickly help create the most effective messaging, lead media training, manage briefings to key stakeholders, deliver talking points, and provide overall strategic guidance.

Message Development

We know that a strong message is the core of any successful campaign. And it does not exist in a vacuum—it is directly tied to your competitors’ messages, breaking news, and your target audience. Using research, creativity, and experience, we will work with you to develop the message you need to win.


Establishing and building a stand-out brand is critical to competing in a crowded marketplace and surviving media scrutiny. Knowing how you are different and what you have to offer policy makers, the press, and your target audience is essential to building a campaign. Our strategists will help you define who you are, show how you fit into the competitive landscape, and build a memorable brand.

Media Training

How to sit… how to stand…how to gesture…how to pause – these are important pieces to any public appearance and take training and practice to refine. But equally important to how you look and sound, is what you say and how you say it. We will work with you to define and hone your message and provide you with the tools, tactics, and practice to take control of any interview situation.

Social Media

A digital strategy is an opportunity to build your brand by engaging directly with your network through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. SKDK will work with you to determine the right message, audience, and social media channel to achieve your goals. We will develop a plan and support your implementation, or we can implement the plan in full integration with your earned and paid media strategies.