Who is your audience, and where do you want to lead them?

Research is the fundamental building block of all effective messaging. And the best communication strategy is based on the solid foundation of empirical research.

Using the most current quantitative and qualitative techniques we will help you finding your core, competitive edge – what makes you unique to your target audience? What is the contrast you want, implicitly or explicitly, with your competition? How can you develop a position that is relevant and sustainable?

Working in close collaboration with our strategists and creative teams, we develop research driven insights that we then seamlessly integrate into your communications plan or advertising. Our research is cohesive and on point, providing a clear roadmap to accomplish your goals.

We have worked some of the nation’s biggest brands to find their key targets and uncover their most compelling messages. We helped American Express to better understand its prospective Green and Gold Card customers. We helped Allstate track its brand among consumers and prospects, and improve communication with consumers and key stakeholders regarding the impact of business practices. And, we have helped NRG Energy better understand its competitive position in selling energy to consumers in Texas, as well as how to communicate its critical public policy goals in Washington.