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SKDK DC Office Lobby

SKDKnickerbocker is looking for a Vice President to join our public affairs team in Washington, D.C. Ideal candidates have:

  •  Experience placing national print and broadcast stories on behalf of corporate entities across several beats, including lifestyle, health and science, business and executive profiles.
  • Previous experience working on Capitol Hill and political campaigns, in public affairs firms, for advocacy groups, and/or in journalism.
  • A clear understanding of social media strategies for communications campaigns.
  • Experience leading a team and managing several projects.
  • The ability to handle multiple deadlines.
  • Strong research and writing skills, and a strong knowledge of AP Style.

Vice President candidates should have five to seven years of relevant experience in writing, research and media intensive positions. Candidates with robust media relations experience and contacts at business-focused media outlets are preferred. This employer is an equal opportunity employer with a strong dedication to diversity. If you want to join our team, send your resume to us:



SKDKnickerbocker Managing Director Jennifer Cunningham was listed in the New York Observer’s 2014 “The City State: Albany’s Top 40″

16. Jennifer Cunningham

Partner at SKDKnickerbocker

The founder of SKDKnickerbocker—perhaps the single most powerful consulting firm in New York State—is also the ex-wife of Mr. Schneiderman and close to Mr. Cuomo. The firm will play a key role in shaping the message of the Democratic Party as it looks to grab more power in Albany. While she’s no longer technically a lobbyist, due to conflicts of interest, she still holds serious sway.

lindsey gren in marie claire

In Marie Claire’s November issue, Lindsey Green is listed as one of six “Valley VIPs”. She’s described as an “in the know” tech publicist who reps a slew of notable New York start-ups.

Other “VIPs” included Jesse Draper, CEO of Valley Girl, Inc.; Ellen Eevy of Silicon Valley Connect; Jessica Livingston, Founding Partner of Y Combinator; game designer Jane McGonigal; Spotify’s Britt Morgan-Saks; and Katie Jacobs Stanton of Twitter’s VP of global media. Congratulations to all!


TED CHIODO named SKDKnickerbocker COO

Posted October 10, 2014


As reported in today’s Playbook: “Ted Chiodo, Deputy White House Staff Secretary and longtime member of the Obama team, [leaves] today. Chiodo has been named Chief Operating Officer at SKDKnickbocker in DC. Chiodo joined Obama for America at the Chicago headquarters in early 2007 and has been serving Obama since, including starting on day one of the administration in the Staff Secretary’s office. He has seen and worked every piece of paper that is included in the President’s daily Briefing Book from the campaign until this week.”

Hilary Rosen emails: “[S]tarting Monday he will be the COO of SKDKnickerbocker, a newly created position. … [W]ith offices in DC, NYC and Albany, we need someone who can help us manage the growth. Ted’s versatility, organizational talents and most of all his spectacular good cheer is a perfect fit for us.”