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At the PR News 2016 Agency Elite Awards, SKDKnickerbocker was named a winner in the Community Relations and Nonprofit/Association categories for its work on Katrina 10: Resilient New Orleans. The awards, announced this week in New York City, recognize the firms that are setting benchmarks of excellence in client PR efforts.

Read more about the winners at PR News and about SKDK’s work to tell the story of New Orleans’ comeback and showcase the city as a global role model for what it means to build urban resilience in the face of substantial challenges.


Sen. Charles Schumer’s press shop is known for making or breaking aspiring flacks. For Mike Morey, who worked in Schumer’s office for six years, his desire to be an actor growing up helped prepare him to excel as Schumer’s New York communications director. “It certainly eliminates any camera shyness, press shyness, public speaking. It certainly helps develop presence, which is really necessary in this business,” Morey says.

Morey, who gave up acting in college to pursue a career in politics, now represents clients ranging from SoulCycle to the Rockefeller Foundation for SKDKnickerbocker, and has also worked on campaigns for some of New York’s biggest power players, including Andrew Cuomo and Christine Quinn. But his first exposure to high-level politics came while he was attending SUNY Purchase College, and with a very high-profile politician: Hillary Clinton. When Clinton visited campus, Morey was offered a job helping her advance team on planning the event, as well as later helping coordinate then-President Bill Clinton’s visits.

“It was wild, it was so inspiring. I realized at that moment that the skill set for this business, you can build some of the skills necessary but a lot of them are innate,” says Morey.

When he isn’t managing messaging for his clients, Morey likes to spend time at home brewing his own “Morey Brewing Company” beers. But when it comes to any sort of politically themed brew, Morey isn’t particularly interested. “I like to keep it focused more on the beer and less on the politics.”

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In the last 48 hours, he’s been told to stop whining by the President and advised to put on his “big-boy pants” by Senator Warren. So you have to wonder what Donald Trump was thinking heading into tonight’s debate. Hillary’s closing ad signaled that she would double down on the need to heal our country and bring it together. What would we hear from Trump?


By SKDK Senior Vice President Samantha Levine

I have a 2.5-year-old niece. As anyone who knows me can attest, she is the light of my life. On Friday, posted among videos of her playing ball with my brother and singing in the car with my sister in law was the one that stilled my heart.

She is smiling ear to ear, holding a waffle cone filled with mango sorbet. Per the caption, she’d just said “mommy I want to take my time.”

It’s adorable. But as a 41-year-old woman who just spent days condemning a presidential candidate for calling a Miss Universe winner “Miss Piggy” I am terrified about the body image environment this little girl and her peers are just years away from encountering. For how much longer will she be able to enjoy a dessert with such pleasure and lack of self-consciousness?

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