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Healthcare Education Project NY Organ Donor Campaign

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New York ranks last among the 50 states for percentage of residents signed up for organ donation. Currently only 23 percent of New Yorkers are signed up to be organ donors yet nearly 10,000 New Yorkers are waiting for live-saving donations.

In November 2017, the Healthcare Education Project – a joint project of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East & the Greater New York Hospital Association – partnered with the LiveOnNY Foundation to launch a public awareness campaign urging New Yorkers to sign up to become organ donors. The ads featured Governor Cuomo and six New York kids who have received life-saving organ donations. In the ads, the children help the Governor register, demonstrating that signing up is “so easy even a kid can do it”. The campaign aired on New York City cable and Taxi TV. Companion print ads appeared in subway, bus and sidewalk placements throughout the City.

As a result, the ads received local and state wide media coverage on broadcast and digital on CBS and NY1. The ads were also featured in New York’s Politico Healthcare Newsletter.

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