Bill Knapp
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Bill Knapp has served as a senior media strategist to five U.S. presidential campaigns, dozens of congressional, gubernatorial, and mayoral races and has also served as a strategist and communications consultant to Fortune 100 companies and major national non-profit organizations.

In 2008, SKDK was a member of the Obama national media team. Bill helped develop the media strategy and produced numerous state-specific and national ads for the campaign. As media consultant to Senator Mary Landrieu, Bill played an integral role in helping Senator Landrieu win by her largest margin ever in what was widely deemed the toughest Senate Democrat re-election campaign in the country. Also in 2008, in the North Carolina Senate race against Sen. Elizabeth Dole, Bill helped develop the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s ad campaign, “Rocking Chairs”, which played a critical role in upsetting Dole. Those ads have been widely praised by the Washington Post and others as among the “most effective” ads of the cycle.

Whether helping elect a president, senators, members of congress or big city mayors, Bill has developed the strategy and media on the biggest races. In 1996, along with former partner Bob Squier, Bill was the leader of the Clinton-Gore and DNC creative teams. Bill not only wrote most of the ads, but under his direction, SKDK produced every ad in that campaign. Similarly, in 2000, Bill was a senior member of the Gore advertising and communications strategy team and oversaw the production of all campaign advertising. And in 2004, Bill was a general consultant to Kerry/Edwards, helping develop the media strategy and advertising.

In 2001, Bill helped develop the strategy and all the advertising that resulted in Mike Bloomberg’s upset win as NYC Mayor. In 2005 and 2009, Bill led similar efforts for Mayor Bloomberg’s successful re-election campaigns. SKDK’s ads were called “some of the best and most creative spots we have seen in a long time.” (ABC’s “The Note,” 11/5/05).

Bill’s corporate work includes Microsoft, where he developed the strategy and filmed nationwide ads featuring Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Other clients have included the Business Roundtable, where Bill has worked extensively over the years on trade-related issues. He has worked on a wide range of corporate marketing accounts, including market research and stakeholder strategic development for Procter & Gamble. He has led a consumer research effort for American Express and worked on competitive research for Motorola and AstraZeneca. Bill has expertise in helping corporations manage state and federal regulatory issues, including work he’s done in this area for Allstate Insurance. He also assists NRG Energy, a Princeton-based energy company that has a diverse portfolio which includes a strong focus on alternative energy.

Raised in New York City, Bill was a researcher/producer at NBC in New York and a producer at Independent Network News in Washington before being hired by legendary political consultant and documentary filmmaker Bob Squier.